Employment History Prior to the Establishment of EWCS: 

The Evelyn Alexander Home for Animals Foundation (EAHFA)/Middleburg, VA
Executive Director

As Executive Director, responsibilities and achievements include: 

-Creation and future development plan of a three hundred acre equine rescue which provides permanent sanctuary to
senior equines that have faced cruelty and/or neglect.  
-Established all policy for the sanctuary and all aspects of equine management, rehabilitation and care for sanctuary horses.
-Complete financial responsibility for construction, development and operational budgets.
-Coordination with regional animal control agencies.
-Fostered relationships with local veterinarians, vendors, animal hospitals, land management groups (including a $52,000 
grant) and developed a volunteer program. 
-Management of the renovation and development of the abandoned dairy farm into a state of the art equine rescue facility. 
-Responsible for recruitment, hiring, training and managing of all staff, contractors and vendors. 
-Prioritization and scheduling of all renovation and construction work. 
-Transformed the abandoned dairy farm into a functional equine facility in less than 12 months, which currently supports 
over 50 horses.

The Humane Society of the United States
Program Coordinator, Equine Protection 

Responsibilities as Program Coordinator included all aspects of oversight and support of the National equine rescue community
cluding the following programs: 
-Homes for Horses Coalition (HHC):  Represented HSUS in the management of the HHC through outreach to the rescue
community by providing support and assistance of the following resources:  
*Education within the rescue field to insure success.
*Researching and provisioning of funding options, veterinary and feed resources from the animal welfare 
*Assistance with adoption and placement policy (and other policy).
*Humane training techniques and emergency placement when needed. 
*Creation and oversight of sub-committees.
*Recruitment of new members
*Updating and education of anti-slaughter legislation for members.
*All aspects of organization of the annual conference (including selecting and booking speakers, creating agenda 
and promotion of the event, oversight and maintenance of the HHC website, creation and distribution of all email
alerts, newsletters and press releases).  
-Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS): Represented HSUS in the oversight and creation of equine rescue
accreditation guidelines.  
-Parelli/HSUS Collaboration:  Responsibility for all aspects of this collaboration including
*Recruitment of equine rescues and their participation in Celebrations.
*Coordination with Parelli on all legal, print media and promotional initiatives.
*Traveling with the Parelli as an HSUS representative promoting responsible ownership and the humane treatment 
and training of equines. 
-Nationwide List of Humane Options for Disposal of Horse Remains: Created and updated list for nationwide use. 
-Ride for Rescues/ACTHA: Collaborated to create the world’s largest trail ride to benefit horse rescues. 
Libra Foundation/Pineland Farms, Inc. Division/Equestrian Center Manager/Director of Special Projects and Events

Managed equestrian facility and program (with a focus on therapeutic riding), and the Special Projects and Events Programs.
Responsibilities included:  
-Management of equine herd. 
-Oversight of final facility construction 
-Oversight of facility operation
-Development of the therapeutic riding program. 
-Creation of the events program and assistance with the startup of the housing and visitors center. 
-Organized all aspects of major events including fundraisers, educational and historical tours; and Fortune 500 company 
annual shareholders/board meetings.

Special Skills:
-Extensive knowledge of equine care, health, rescue  and welfare
-Experienced in multiple aspects of animal advocacy.
-Project and program design and development.
-Extensive experience with equine facility, property design and development/construction oversight
-Outreach, communication and management skills.
-Extensive knowledge of nonprofits and private foundations.
-Extensive knowledge of private foundation/nonprofit liability procedure and policy protocol and development
-Development and fundraising, event planning, website and brochure design. 
-Investigative data research
-Trained as equine veterinary tech (not certified) 
-Certified in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue 
-FEMA ICS 100 certified
-Certified Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries (GFAS) equine agent